Private Lessons

Private Lessons

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Music on the Hill offers weekly private lessons in the DC area for students aged 6 and up. All of our teachers are highly experienced and qualified music educators. We do not take a summer vacation, but teach throughout the summer.

Lessons are available for: guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, fiddle, saxophone, percussion, clarinet, flute, and ukulele.

Floating Lessons

The membership is designed for stability, and our new Floating Lessons will be designed for flexibility. Customers can register for lessons 1 at a time, in any available teacher slots. You can cancel floating lessons be issued a credit to be used on your next lesson with 24 hours notice. More detailed policies for this program will be released over the summer.

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Lesson Policies

Recurring Lesson Membership Policies

Membership Cost

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     30 min lesson- $200

     45 min lesson- $290

     60 min lesson- $380

Music on the Hill’s Recurring Lesson Membership entitles all students to a reserved time on their music instructor’s schedule. Members will be charged a flat fee on the 25th of the month, for the upcoming month.

The membership fee is based on the assumption that Music on the Hill is able to offer 4 lessons every month. If Music on the Hill fails to offer 4 lessons in any given month, they will compensate the student in the form of a credit toward next month’s membership charge. There will be no additional charge when a student receives 5 lessons in their reserved lesson time in a month.

Music on the Hill does not offer makeup or rescheduling opportunities for lessons missed by students who occupy a reserved weekly time slot, even with advance notice. We are happy to facilitate a long-term change in a weekly reserved time slot pending availability.

Music on the Hill does not follow the DCPS schedule. We will be open and giving lessons for many federal holidays like Columbus Day, and MLK Day, as well as most snow days and spring break. Please assume your teacher is at Music on the Hill and your lesson is happening. The front desk at Music on the Hill will be happy to confirm and/or clarify any questions about your lesson, please call and double check.

Music on the Hill will assume a student is continuing and charge them for the next month unless told otherwise. Once a student is charged the membership fee, they are committed to the lessons that coming month.

To cancel a Music on the Hill Recurring Lesson Membership, the student or student’s parent must inform the Front Desk via email of their intention to cancel the membership. They will then complete any lessons remaining in the month. Music on the Hill does not charge any cancelation fees or penalties.

Music on the Hill will not discuss scheduling or billing with any person who is not listed as a “Scheduling Contact” and/or a “Billing Contact”. All scheduling and billing contacts must be over 18 years old. No one outside of these lists can make any changes to the schedule or account, no matter how minor. Parents of teenage students must communicate with the front desk directly, not through their child.

All students must have an active credit card on file at all times. Music on the Hill is happy to take payment via check or cash before the 25th of the month. If payment has not been made by the 25th of the month the front desk will charge the credit card on file.

Teacher Bios

Cecilia DeMaria
Radina Dosseva
Hannah Gerdes
Alicia Lumberry
Brendan Harper
Anna Nizhegorodtseva
Daniel Peterson
Brian Falkowski
Lindy Campbell
Amanda Thornstad
Christopher Brown
Erik Grimm
Nick Wilby
Phillips Saylor Wisor
Christopher Brown
Erik Grimm
Phillips Saylor Wisor
Maxfield Wollam-Fisher
Hannah Gerdes
Enrique Reynosa
Gabriella Cheij
Alicia Lumberry