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Music on the Hill offers weekly private lessons in the DC area for students aged 6 and up. We do not take a summer vacation, but teach throughout the summer. We also provide adult music lessons. All of our teachers are highly experienced and qualified music educators.

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Copy of File_000All lessons are $45 per half hour, $85 per hour.

Lessons are available for: guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, voice, violin, saxophone, percussion, clarinet, flute, and ukulele, and trumpet.

Music on the Hill Lesson Policies

During the school year (September-May), tuition is charged on the 1st for the coming month’s lessons.Students are paying for a reserved slot in their teacher’s schedule, regardless of the attendance of the student. This is to ensure that our teachers are compensated for their time- they are in the lesson studio regardless of the student’s attendance.

In the event of an unavoidable conflict, please notify Music on the Hill via email or phone call as soon as possible and we will try to find an available time to reschedule- however this may not be possible in every instance. Music on the Hill does not issue refunds or credits for missed lessons.

Makeup lessons must be held in the same month as theStore Jam original missed lesson.  There is no “carry-over” of makeup lessons- the lesson cannot be rescheduled outside that window- even if your teacher does not have any availability during that time. To be eligible for a make-up students must provide Music on the Hill with notice no later than noon the day off or for weekday lessons and 6:00pm the day prior for weekend lessons.

If a student fails to notify Music on the Hill that they are unable to attend their lesson there will be no option of a make-up.

Music on the Hill will not discuss scheduling or billing with any person who is not listed as a “Scheduling Contact” and/or a “Billing Contact”. All scheduling and billing contacts must be over 18 years old. No one outside of these lists can make any changes to the schedule or account, no matter how minor. Parents of teenage students must communicate with the front desk directly, not through their child.

Credits will be issued to the student if the store is closed for a major holiday or weather emergency, or if the teacher cancels the lesson and a substitute cannot be provided.

Music on the Hill does not follow the DCPS schedule. We will be open and giving lessons for many federal holidays like Columbus Day, and MLK Day, as well as most snow days and spring break. Please assume your teacher is at Music on the Hill and your lesson is happening. The front desk at Music on the Hill will be happy to confirm and/or clarify any questions about your lesson, please call and double check.

New students will pay a $15 registration fee to cover initial lesson materials and administrative costs.

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Students must notify the front desk in writing before the 1st of the month if they would like to discontinue lessons- Music on the Hill will assume a student is continuing and charge them for the next month unless told otherwise.

All students must have an active credit card on file at all times. Music on the Hill is happy to take payment via check or cash before the 1st of the month. If payment has not been made by the 1st of the month the front desk will charge the credit card on file.

Students will be issued a $20 late fee if Music on the Hill has been unable to charge their card by the 14th of the month.