Hannah Gerdes


Hannah Gerdes is a pianist and violinist who actively performs and teaches in the Washington, DC area. She completed her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at the Catholic University of America where she is pursuing her Masters in Music on both piano and violin under the direction of award-winning artists Dr. Ivo Kaltchev (piano) and Alessandra Cuffaro (violin). She is also a Teaching Fellow at the Rome School of Music, Art, and Drama. Hannah frequently performs repertoire spanning from the early Baroque to the present on both instruments as a soloist, collaborative artist, and as a member of the Catholic University of America Symphony Orchestra. She recently attended and performed at both the International Music Academy Orpheus in Vienna and the Lancaster international Piano Festival. Through her eight years of teaching, Hannah has immersed herself in the art of joyful, responsive teaching. She is committed to patiently helping her students develop their musical gifts and learn the language of music.