Nick Wilby

guitar and ukulele

Nick WilbyNick Wilby is an experienced performer and teacher Living in Washington, D.C. Originally from Enfield, CT, Nick attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studied Jazz Guitar. In 2013, Nick moved to DC to pursue a career playing and teaching music and work with DC-based Pointless Theatre Company as a composer, arranger and performer. He was quickly hired as one of Music on the Hill’s original guitar teachers, where he taught guitar and ukulele lessons for 5 years. After a 1 year stint in beautiful Portland, Maine, Nick is delighted to be back in DC and teaching at Music on the Hill.
As a teacher, Nick tailors each lesson to the individual and is well versed in many styles including Jazz, Rock, Funk, Folk and Country. While stressing the importance of learning the fundamentals, Nick strives to help every student find their own voice on their instrument and most importantly, have fun!