Get Ready to Sing!

Music on the Hill is very exited to be forming The Music on the Hill Youth Choir! Students ages 7-10 are invited to join is every week to sing Folk, Broadway and Pop songs together. This inclusive choir is open to all ability levels and is designed to introduce kids to the joy to singing together.

The first class will be held on Saturday, September 15, and will run consecutive Saturdays until their performance at Music on the Hill’s Winter Recital.

When– Saturdays 3:30-4:30
Where– Music on the Hill- 801 D St NE
Cost– $100 a month (Sept and Dec will be pro-rated)

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Ages 16-Adult
Tuesday 8:00
A fun and low pressure environment is the best way to get started on the guitar. Harley Cullen will help you jump-start your playing while helping you avoid the common pitfalls that “internet education” can lead to. Students will learn chords and strumming patterns to popular songs and basic guitar theory, so you’ll be well positioned to keep growing as a musician once the class is over.


Ages 16-Adult
Monday 8:00
Ukulele has risen in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. This instrument is compact, bouncy and easy to play. But don’t let the initial simplicity fool you: this instrument can be taken to very exciting musical places. Ukulele teacher Lindy Campbell creates an extremely warm and positive environment in which to get started. You will learn chords and strumming patterns to popular songs. Come see what all the fuss is about!


Ages 16-Adult
Wedsday at 8:00

Try something new! Students will be introduced to basic chords, right hand patterns and simple songs. Great for absolute beginners or guitar/uke players who want to try their hand at something different. Beginning Group Banjo is taught by Phillips Saylor Wisor.


Ages- 3.5-5 years old
Tuesday 4:30
Thursday 4:30
Saturday 10:30
Music on the Hill’s preschool ukulele class is designed for young children who love music, but aren’t quite ready for private lessons yet. Lindy Campbell will help students learn how to properly handle the ukulele, play real chords, and learn songs ranging from classic children’s songs to Bob Marley and the Beatles. What’s more, your child will have their pick of colorful Kala ukes to play on. Students will also be introduced to other percussion instruments and begin learning the fundamentals of reading music in a fun way. Sessions are designed to establish a great foundation for your child on which to build their future musical experiences.
Class Length- 25-30 minutes
Caregivers are invited to sit in the waiting room during their child’s class. It is not logistically possible for them to participate in the room with their child.
 *Preschool Uke-n-More costs $275, which includes the purchase of a ukulele.

Bluegrass Jam

Musicians of any skill level have a great time at this laid back jam led by Clawhammer Banjo Wizard of Washington, Phillips Saylor Wisor. The Jam begins at 5:00pm every Sunday.