Group Lessons

Group Classes

Some helpful information for all Music on the Hill Classes- All classes are 45 minutes long and require a minimum of 3 students registered. The total cost per student is $250 to be paid at time of registration. If a class does not meet the minimum attendance the student can move to another time or take $250 worth of private lessons. Music on the Hill offers instrument rentals to all group class students.

The next session of group classes will begin the week of January 5


Ages 16-Adult
Tuesday 8:00
A fun and low pressure environment is the best way to get started on the guitar. Harley Cullen will help you jump-start your playing while helping you avoid the common pitfalls that “internet education” can lead to. Students will learn chords and strumming patterns to popular songs and basic guitar theory, so you’ll be well positioned to keep growing as a musician once the class is over.


Ages 16-Adult
Monday 8:00
Ukulele has risen in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. This instrument is compact, bouncy and easy to play. But don’t let the initial simplicity fool you: this instrument can be taken to very exciting musical places. Ukulele teacher Lindy Campbell creates an extremely warm and positive environment in which to get started. You will learn chords and strumming patterns to popular songs. Come see what all the fuss is about!


Ages 16-Adult
Wednesday at 8:00

Try something new! Students will be introduced to basic chords, right hand patterns and simple songs. Great for absolute beginners or guitar/uke players who want to try their hand at something different. Beginning Group Banjo is taught by Phillips Saylor Wisor.


Ages- 3.5-5 years old
Tuesday 4:30
Thursday 4:30
Saturday 10:30
Music on the Hill’s preschool ukulele class is designed for young children who love music, but aren’t quite ready for private lessons yet. Lindy Campbell will help students learn how to properly handle the ukulele, play real chords, and learn songs ranging from classic children’s songs to Bob Marley and the Beatles. What’s more, your child will have their pick of colorful Kala ukes to play on. Students will also be introduced to other percussion instruments and begin learning the fundamentals of reading music in a fun way. Sessions are designed to establish a great foundation for your child on which to build their future musical experiences.
Class Length- 25-30 minutes
Caregivers are invited to sit in the waiting room during their child’s class. It is not logistically possible for them to participate in the room with their child.
 *Preschool Uke-n-More costs $275, which includes the purchase of a ukulele.


The coolest class on The Hill! Gigging musician Erik Grimm takes students through every aspect of what it means to be in a rock band–from coming up with a band name, choosing your songs, and how to play “a gig”. This is a great way for students to supplement private lessons and gain ensemble experience while learning to play the latest hit single. All instruments are welcome, from guitars and drums to violin and clarinet! Beginners are welcome, but students with about one year of experience under their belt will get the most out of this class.
Ages 10-14
Thursdays at 7:30. All student must have 1 years playing experience to participate in Rock Band Class, with the exclusion of singers.
Summer Camps


Check back in January for summer 2019!


The latest addition to our roster of music camps, this workshop puts the focus on bass! With a curriculum spanning from loop pedals to ensemble playing, local musician Chris Brown will take students on an adventure to the low end. Students will explore melody, harmony, and rhythm, and where these three intersect on the bass guitar. For this camp we are requiring 1 year of bass playing experience, and students from 10 to 15 years old.
This camp combines our popular 1/2 day camps into one. Students will be exploring the worlds of two dynamic instruments- Ukuleles and Drums. All students will participate in a daily group ukulele lesson, and be introduced to a different percussion instrument and corresponding musical genre each day. Students will be building some of their own instruments, as well as sing, dance, play games and be introduced to note reading. This is a great way to introduce these popular instruments to your child, either as a first experience with music or supplementing another instrument.
ROCK BAND CAMP 8-11 OR 11-15 YEARS OR 9-13
The coolest camp on the hill! Students will form a real rock band, pick a band name, pick out songs to learn and perform a gig Friday. This is the fun way to get your kid ensemble experience, gain confidence performing and even try their hand at a different instrument. ALL instruments are welcome (yes, even the violin, clarinet and accordion). ALL levels welcome- absolute beginners can try their hand at guitar, bass, singing, and percussion.
The fun way to introduce your child to music! Master musicians Anna Nizhegorodtseva and Enrique Reynosa will lead a camp that is as fun as it is educational. Students will choose the piano or violin for group classes and come together to sing, play games, and learn about notes, instruments, and composers. This unique camp will open a new world to your child.
No one is stuck in the back of the chorus line in this camp! With a heavy emphasis on the “music” aspect of “musical theatre”- students will prepare 1 or 2 group numbers and prepare a solo or duet number for the Cabaret performance Friday at 5:00. Students will all receive both one-on-one and group instruction by our amazing vocal coach Eric Gramatges and learn about the history of Broadway from the Ziegfeld Follies through Matilda.
Singing in a choir is a prized childhood memory for so many people, including a lot of Music on the Hill staff. In Sing Together camp students will sing together. Don’t worry about the camp being too formal though- as with all Music on the Hill camps, there is no conflict between learning about music and having fun! Students will be exposed to all the different ways people have chosen to sing together, through time and around the world. This camp is sure to foster your child’s love for singing and their appreciation for everything that their voice can do.
This unique camp will introduce the students to the world of chamber music with master classical musicians, Enrique Reynosa and Anna Nizhegodtseva. Students will have the opportunity to “level up” on their violin and piano techniques and gain invaluable ensemble experience. For violin- students need 2+ years of playing experience and need to have completed Suzuki book 1 (or another method). For piano- students need 2+ years of playing experience and need to have completed Piano Adventures 2B (or lesson book 2 on another method).



All Music on the Hill summer camp programs are held Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00 and 3:00. Music on the Hill partners with Labyrinth Game Shop to provide additional options between 3:00 and 5:30. Additional details can be found below.

The cost of all camps are $400

A campers space is reserved only when the non-refundable $100 deposit has been paid in full.

Students will participate in thematic camp programming as well as spend time each day on fun, general camp activities. Campers range from 4 years old to sixteen, depending on the camp. There will be outside time each day (weather permitting). Parents will receive an itinerary on their child’s first day of camp.


Contact Music on the Hill– You can e-mail us at or fill out the lesson registration request form. Music on the Hill will get back to you via phone as soon as possible

Step 1– Call or stop by Music on the Hill to register your child. We will take you contact and payment information and charge the $100 non-refundable deposit. At this point your child’s spot is fully reserved.

Step 2– Fill out the registration paperwork. This step must be done in store and is due by June 1st. If Music on the Hill does not have the registration by the deadline your child will forfeit their spot in the camp and you will loose the deposit. If you are registering for a camp after June 1st Music on the Hill will communicate with your to make sure the paperwork is filled out on time.


All Music on the Hill programs are held Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00 and 3:00. Music on the Hill is partnering with Labyrinth Game Shop for aftercare this year. You can find more information about aftercare below.

A student is fully registered when a parent or guardian provides Music on the Hill with basic contact information and pays a non-refundable $100 registration fee. All of this can be done over the phone or in person. A parent or guardian will need to fill out the camp paperwork in person. This is due June 1st or you will risk losing your child’s spot in the camp and your $100 deposit. Registrations after June 1st are welcome- Lindy will work with the individual families to make sure everything is done on time. There will be an additional $250 cancellation fee per child charged for any and all cancellations done less than 30 days before the first day of camp.

Students will participate in specific camp programming as well as spend time each day on some “fun, general camp” activities. There will be outside time each day (weather permitting), from free time at a playground to organized camp games like kickball. We do not schedule nap time in any of our camps. Parents will receive additional information on their child’s first day of camp.

Parents need to provide a packed lunch for their child daily. Music on the Hill will provide two snacks a day, but you are welcome to bring your own from home.


Music on the Hill’s Early Drop-Off will run from 8:30-9:00. The cost will be $15 per day, or $50 for Mon-Friday.


Music on the Hill is very exited to be working with Labyrinth Game Shop this year for summer camps. More details to follow.