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Ibanez guitars DCSteel String Guitars- Music on the Hill is proud of their curated selection of solid top guitars starting at $275, and ranging up to all solid-body professional instruments. Brands include- Seagull, Eastman, and Art and Lutherie.

Electric Guitars and Basses- Music on the Hill stocks Ibanez and Eastman Electric Guitars. Ibanez offering include 4 string basses and solid top, semi-hollow and archtop electric guitars. Eastman archtop and semi-hollow instruments have a devoted fan bass, who love the easy playablity and great aesthetics of these guitars.

Nylon String Guitars- From traditional spruce and cedar top instruments, to unexpected takes on a classic, Ortega nylon guitars are perfect for musicians of all styles.

Fractional Guitars- Music on the Hill offers fractional guitars sized 1/4-7/8 in stock all the time. Ortega fractional guitars are an exceptional value, offering tone quality and playability not easily found in fractional instruments.


acoustic guitarMusic on the Hill has a great selection of Kala and Ortega Ukuleles. From $50 kid’s ukes in every color of the rainbow to top-of-the-line solid spruce, mahogany, acacia and cedar top ukuleles, we can find the perfect match for you, no matter your budget or musical goals.


img_2405Our Green Tones 100% eco-friendly kids’ instruments range from colored block drums to animal-shaped rattles to train whistles, with everything in between. If you have a little boy or girl who you would love to introduce to some basic music and instruments, Green Tones is the place to start!


img_6846From the latest pop hits to “The Three B’s,” Music on the Hill has everything you can think of in a songbook. We communicate with area teachers to make sure that we have the lesson books in stock for piano, guitar, percussion and all brass, woodwind and string instruments.


Aside from musical instruments, Music on the Hill has a complete selection of accessories for any instrument, including guitar strings, picks, straps, drumsticks, woodwind reeds, cork grease, valve oil, violin/viola strings, shoulder pads, rosin, and more!



We are exited to partner with L & L Woodwind Shop to provide the quality new and used rental instruments to Capitol Hill and the Washington, DC area. All rentals are rent-to-own programs, so you will be building equity with every monthly payment. We provide new and used instruments to rent or just purchase outright. Music on the Hill keeps Flutes, Clarinets, Alto Sax’s, Trumpets and Trombones in stock.

Tenor Saxophones, Cornets, Bass Clarinets, French Horns, Oboes, Baritiones and Tuba’s are also avaliable through L & L. Please talk to the front desk for more information.

Monthly Rental Costs*

  • Flute: Used- $20   New- $23
  • Clarinet:  Used- $20   New- $23
  • Alto Saxophone:  Used- $35   New- $40
  • Trumpet:  Used- $20   New- $30
  • Trombone:  Used- $20   New- $40

*Base Price does not include tax or recommended maintenance fee.


Music on the Hill rents high quality student model instruments, with solid wood tops and superior sound quality.

  • Violin: $25
  • Viola: $30
  • Cello: $50


Music on the Hill offers a straightforward 8 week rental for guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and banjos. After the 8 weeks are up, you can choose to return the instrument, pay the instrument off or apply the credit to and instrument of their choosing.

Instruments in Stock

New Arrivals!

Acoustic Guitars

Nylon String Guitars

Electric Guitars



  • Eastman F Style Mandolins
  • Eastman A Style Mandolins
  • Seagull Mandolins

Acoustic Basses


Digital Pianos

  • Casio 
    • PX-870 – $999  — Delivery and Assembly Available!
    • PX-160 – $550  — Delivery and Assembly Available!
    • WK-245 – $250
    • CTK3500 – $150